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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Municipal Corporation

Animal Pounds and Pet Registration

Registration of Pet Dogs


  • Pet dog registration is compulsory under GMC Act, denying/failing is violation of law and is punishable.
  • The selected NGO will collect Rs. 110 per dog from the owner. (Rs. 100 is registration fees and Rs. 10 is application fees).
  • The selected NGO/Society will collect the Metal tag from GMC Veterinary Branch on payment of Rs. 60 (50% of registration fees and Rs. 10.00 application fees) per dog in advance.
  • The NGO/Society must have own staff for attending any complains/nuisance related with dogs.
  • Concerned staff of GMC will issue money receipt against Nos of Metal tag issued, with name of NGO/Society.
  • NGO/Society will print prescribed form – A’ and B’ under clause (Levy of Tax on Dogs kept within the city of Guwahati) Byelaws, 1975.
  • It is the duty of the NGO/Society to get signed the registration certificate from Veterinary Officer, GMC and despatch the same to the concerned dog owner at their own cost.
  • The cost of door-to-door visits by NGO/Society Member is to be borne by the NGO/ only.
  • The registration is to be renewed every year and the yearly renewal fees have to be paid by the NGO, during each financial year, to the GMC Veterinary Branch and money receipt will be taken against the payment.
  • NGO concerned will issue separate money receipt to the Public Concerned from their end which is to be certified by the Veterinary Officer, GMC.
  • The concerned GMC Officer/ staff will verify the receipt book of NGO/Society time to time.
  • If there is any violation of clause by the NGO/Society the decision of GMC authority will be final.
  • The Commissioner GMC has every right to alter/modify any clause time to time and also has power to cancel the deed of agreement when necessary without showing any reason thereof.
  • Photograph of owner along with pet is to be taken during the time of registration.
  • The designated Officer of GMC has power to oversee and monitor the activity as and when required.
  • The GMC Veterinary Branch also has the authority for pet registration activity if somebody directly approaches to the branch office.
  • Registration is to be done to those pets above three months of age.

Whom to Contact

Dr. Pradip Medhi
Veterinary Officer
Veterinary Branch
Lakhtokia, Guwahati – 781001.
Phone No.: 7086053943
E-mail: pradipcmedhi@gmail.com