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Animal Pounds

  • Controlling of street animal through the lessee/animal pound

    The following terms and conditions are followed by lessee during lifting of animal:

    1. An agreement as well as Indemnity Bond for proper performance of contract is to be executed by the lessee.
    2. The selected tenderer has to manage sufficient high land for running the Animal pound and Guwahati Municipal Corporation will not provide any land for the purpose.
    3. The responsibility of entire livestock within the pound and during the transportation from the place of seizure will lie with the lessee. The lessee shall be responsible for any litigation in this regard.
    4. The lessee should strictly follow “The Transport of Animal Rule, 1978”
    5. The lease period shall be for one year only and would be effective from the date of written order/LOI (Letter of Interest) of settlement. The lessee will deposit an amount of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand) only as security money to the GMC.
    6. The lessee shall maintain a register giving full description of livestock along with photograph in the pound and display daily on board.
    7. Seizure of animals will be done during the day time only and the lessee must accompany Veterinary Officer or his authorized staff during seizure. Without presence of staff of Veterinary Branch, GMC the lessee cannot seize animals.
    8. The lessee should inform all Police Station of Guwahati City about his seizure days.
    9. The stray animals will be seized by Veterinary Branch only two days in a week. In exceptional cases, seizure of animals any be done on any day on intimation by Veterinary Officer, GMC.
    10. Auction will be held after 7 (seven) days of seizure i.e. for (Jalukbari area) on Friday from 10 AM to 12 noon and for (Khanapara area) on Thursday from 10 AM to 12 noon and if the scheduled day becomes a holiday/holidays auction will be held on next working day.
    11. The lessee as well as his staff should carry Identity Card issued by the Commissioner, GMC and should be in uniform of black trousers and gray shirts (green pullover during winter). The Identity Card will automatically become invalid after expiry of lease period.
    12. The lessee should keep the seized animals within the pound under covered area only. Under no circumstances the seized animals will allowed to kept outside the pound for grazing etc.
    13. The lessee of the animal pound must provide sufficient feeds including salt and pure water to the impounded animals.
    14. Release of animals to owner or in auctions will be made by GMC authority only. If the lessee releases the animals without permission of GMC authority, the Commissioner, Guwahati Municipal Corporation shall lodge FIR against the defaulting lessee and recover the compensation from the lessee.
    15. During the time of release of the animal, the lessee must take photo of the released animals along with owner/representative of the owner showing the serial number and date of the animals Rs.50 (Rupees fifty) only may be charged from the owner of the animal.
    16. During the time of release, the owner of the seized animals has to submit sufficient documents to the Veterinary Branch, GMC and has to pay Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred) only as penalty.
    17. In the event of any complaint against the lessee regarding lifting, keeping and releasing of the seized animal, the authority will stop the lifting programme temporarily or permanently till the clarification report from the Veterinary Branch, GMC is received.
    18. The lessee shall may charge Rs. 200 only per animal per day till auction.
    19. The lessee shall charge for cost of animal transportation from the place of seizure to the pound by suitable calculation from the owner.
    20. The successful bidder will have to erect at his own cost a Signboard in a prominent place containing the important terms and condition and applicable rates.
    21. The bidder (lessee) will be selected on the basis of seeking of lowest percentage of the auction money.
    22. In case of auctioned animals, the specified percentage of the auctioned money will be paid to the lessee by GMC authority on submission of certificate by Veterinary Officer, GMC. No other charges will be paid to the lessee.
    23. Due publicity regarding lifting/auction shall be published in the local dailies by the lessee.
    24. The lessee shall collect charge at the prescribed rates only. In case of any complaint of demanding excessive charge, either by the lessee himself or by their agents or employee, the lessee shall be liable to be prosecuted U/S 384 of I.P.C. and lease shall terminated forthwith.
    25. The lease will not be entitled to compensation in the event of pre-mature surrender of lease before completion lease period, and the event of such surrender, the security money deposited by him shall stand forfeited.
    26. In case of violation of any of the above terms and conditions, lease will be terminated and security money and auction money will be forfeited.
    27. Any decision made regarding pound by Guwahati Municipal Corporation authority will be final.

    Whom to Contact

    Dr. Kailash Chamuah
    Veterinary Officer
    Veterinary Branch
    Fancy Bazar, Guwahati – 781001.
    Phone No.: 7086053943