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Water Supply

Water Works Wing of Guwahati Municipal Corporation caters the need of water in the city area. Guwahati Municipal Corporation has three water supply treatment plants at Panbazar, Satpukhuri and Kamakhya. Water is pumped from river Brahmaputra to these plants and after processing in the plant water is pumped to different reservoirs located at hill tops and then distributed to the consumers by gravity main. Some areas are supplied through direct pumping also. Beside these plants there are 9 (nine) deep tube wells at different locations. Installed capacity and present running capacity of each plant are as indicated below.

Plant LocationInstalled CapacityYear of CommissioningPresent output
from the plant
Panbazar45.00 MLD196325.00 MLD
Satpukhuri22.50 MLDOriginal plant in 1930, renovated in 1984 (Supply Network 1930)15.00 MLD
Kamakhya4.50 MLD19923.00 MLD
Deep Tube Wells 
(8 functioning)
2.00 MLDAt different time since 19811.50 MLD 
Total = 74.00 MLD 44.50 MLD

At present output lifting/ trapping/ extraction (both underground & river source) is 44.50 MLD.  

Water Charges with Property Tax

Water charge is generally collected with property tax. Water tax is levied 10% of ARV (Annual Rateable Value) if there is water connection from GMC. Water tax is levied 7.5% if there is GMC’s Water Supply network, but all property holders have no GMC water pipe connection.

Water charges Separately

The following rates of monthly water charges are fixed.

A. For Residential Use

i)Up to 15 KL: Rs.8.00 (Rupees Eight only) per KL
ii)Above 15 KL up to 25 KL:Rs.12.00 (Rupees Twelve only) per KL
iii)Above 25 KL: Rs.15.00 (Rupees Fifteen only) per KL

B. For Commercial Use

i)    Up to 15 KL: Rs.12.00 (Rupees Twelve only) per KL
ii) Above 15 KL up to 25 KL : Rs.15.00 (Rupees Fifteen only) per KL
iii)Above 25 KL: Rs.20.00 (Rupees Twenty only) per KL
In case of malfunctioning of water meter due to certain defect average consumption shall be considered for billing.

The following flat rates have been fixed where water meter is not installed

i)For family members up to or below 4 (four) individuals – Rs.140.00 per month for domestic purpose.

ii)For family members above 4 (four) individuals – Rs.35.00 for each individual member in addition to Rs.140.00 for domestic purpose.

Water Charges through Mobile Tankers

i) Rate of water cllected by private water tanker from GMC’s feeding point has revised w.e.f. March’2016. Rate was enhanced to Rs.30.00/KL from 22.00/KL.

of tankers
up to 5 K.M.5 to 10 K.Mup to 15 K.M. + next per K.M.
600 Ltrs.Rs. 160.00Rs 220.00Rs.300.00 + Rs.20.00/next per K.M.
2000 Ltrs.Rs. 400.00Rs. 530.00Rs.600.00 + Rs.40.00/next per K.M
3000 LtrsRs. 550.00Rs. 670.00Rs.780.00 + Rs.50.00/next per K.M
6000 LtrsRs. 800.00Rs. 920.00Rs.1050.00 + Rs.70.00/next per K.M
10000 LtrsRs. 1050.00Rs. 1210.00Rs.1370.00 + Rs.90.00/next per K.M

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Whom to Contact for More Information:

Sri Manoranjan Bharali
Superintendent Engineer,
Guwahati Municipal Corporation.
Panbazar, Guwahati -781001
Phone No.: 7086053970
E-mail: manoranjanbharali123@gmail.com