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Street Lights

The function for providing & maintaining street lighting in Guwahati city is entrusted to Guwahati Municipal Corporation as per the provision of Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act, 1971. Until recent times, Public Works Department of Government of Assam was also involved in providing and maintaining street lights in the major roads of the city. However, Guwahati Municipal Corporation has been recently entrusted with the entire responsibility of providing street lights in the city of Guwahati.

The coverage of street light is grossly inadequate especially in the interior lanes and bye lanes of the city.  There is constant demand from the citizen of Guwahati City to provide street lights in their areas citing security as major concern.

LED Lights

Guwahati Municipal Corporation has decided to convert the existing street light in GMC area by LED street lights. Also in all the new projects undertaken at present are all LED based lights. The following are the projects being undertaken by Guwahati Municipal Corporation which are at various stages of implementation. An Amount of Rs – 25.72 Crores has been received for this purpose under 4th Finance Commission devolution grant.

S. N. Project Status
1 Proposal for conversion of Existing street lights of main roads with Energy Efficiency LED street lights within GMC areas. Project Started.
2 Providing energy efficient LED street lighting system at VIP Road from Sixmile point to Patharquery. Length 5.40km,group ‘A’ Completed
3 Providing energy efficient LED street lighting system at VIP  Road from Patharquery to B.G.Chowk. Length 3.85km,group ‘B’ Completed
4 Providing energy efficient LED street lighting system along the road from A.T. Road to Kamakhya Temple Completed
5 Installation of LED street lights from GS road to NH-37 Khanapara by the side of Science Museum Completed
6 Providing energy efficient LED street lighting system at Basistha Chariali to Army Public School Tiniali and Basistha Mandir Campus Completed
7 Providing LED Light in road edge of
1.Bhetapara Ghoramara Road Ph-i & Ph-ii
2.Beharbari Road and Bye-lane by the side of Soukuchi Hockey Stadium
8 Providing energy efficient LED street lighting system in the road edge along the Kahilipara Road from Ganesh Mandir to Power House and B.K.Kakati Road from Ulubari Chariali to Serab Bhati Chariali Completed

Project Jyoti (Own your Street Light)

The present yearly expenditure on electricity bill for street light for Guwahati Municipal Corporation is to the tune of Rs. 6 Crores which is a huge burden for the financially starved Guwahati Municipal Corporation. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation is not in a position to take additional burden in terms of electricity bill and maintenance for providing additional street lighting fixtures at inner lanes and bye-lanes.

Hence, the project “Project Jyoti – Own Your Street Light” was conceived with the intention to facelift the image of the City and to improve the security concern without incurring any regular additional financial burden on the Guwahati Municipal Corporation.

As per announcement made by then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam a scheme “Project Jyoti” has been introduced to illuminate the lanes and bye lanes of the city. Any resident of Guwahati can apply for availing the facility of this scheme.
Under the scheme, GMC will install a 16 watt LED bulb facing towards the street with pole and other fixtures inside the compound of the applicant. The cost of power consumption is to be borne by the applicant.

GMC is expecting increase in demand of the scheme once the street lights in the initial phase are made operational. The project has been inaugurated by then Hon’ble Chief Minister which will eliminate the problem of safety during night times across the nook and corner of the city.

Total 10,000 applications has been received, of which:

  • In the First Phase 1000 Street lights has been Installed.
  • In the Second Phase Total 6000 Street light has been Installed
  • Remaining installation has already been started.

Whom to Contact

Sri Manojit Bujarbarua
Executive Engineer,
Guwahati Municipal Corporation
Morashali, Near Ulubari Fly over, Guwahati-7
Phone No.: 7086053947
E-mail: manojit1965@gmail.com

Street Lights