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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Municipal Corporation

Conservancy & MSW Management

According to the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016, all the ULBs are responsible for the Solid Waste Management activities within their respective jurisdiction. Guwahati Municipal Corporation looks after the Solid Waste Management activities in Guwahati City within its jurisdiction. The Solid Waste Management activities comprises of the following activities:


The collection of house-to-house solid waste from the households and commercial establishments comes under Primary Collection. GMC is divided into 31 wards and there is one NGO each assigned for the job of Primary Collection and Street Sweeping within the respective ward. The NGOs deposit the waste so collected to the nearby secondary collection bins. The work of Primary Collection is monitored by the JTOs and Sanitary Supervisors of the ward. The NGOs are also responsible for the collection of monthly User Charges from the households and commercial establishments as per the notification of User Charges issued by the Corporation from time to time. The NGOs use tricycles, thelas, hydraulic mounted trailer auto tippers, etc. for the collection of household and commercial establishment’s wastes. Guwahati City generates 550 TPD (approx.) solid wastes.

The NGOs engaged for the 31 wards under GMC area have a total manpower of 450 workers who operate a total of 480 Tricycles and 64 Auto Tippers all around the city.

For User Charges, Click Here: Primary Collection Charges

For list of NGOs, Click here: Primary Collection NGOs


The Secondary Collection and Transportation (C&T) is being handled by a fleet of modern compactors, tippers, etc by GMC. This is looked after by Zonal engineers, JTOs and Supervisors assisted by a fleet of hand carters and sweepers. There are modern vehicles being used for C&T like Compactor vehicles, Mobile Compactors, Transfer Station, etc. There are two functional Transfer Stations in Guwahati. One at RGB Road near Nursery, Ganeshguri and the other near GMCH, Bhangagarh. Approximately, 85-90 % waste is being transported daily to Boragaon.

The staff engaged for the Secondary Collection & Transportation are

  • PWD Divisions – 6
  • Zonal Engineers - 15
  • Junior Technical Officers – 25
  • Supervisors – 81
  • Hand Carter – 422
  • Road Sweeper – 339

The vehicles engaged for the Secondary Collection and Transportation are as follows:

  • Garbage Compactors – 18 running
  • Dumpers – 22 running Of Various Capacity
  • Mini auto tippers- 78 running
  • Excavator cum Loader – 10 running
  • Auto van- 11 nos


In order for segregation of waste at source, GMC has initiated a project for purchasing of dry waste from the citizens. In the Transfer Station, auto tippers and tricycles ascend a ramp and unload the garbage into a dumper and compactor directly. There is adequate facility of water for cleaning and measures are taken for sanitization inside the station alongwith the provision leachate treatment facility. Since the functioning of the transfer station, adjoining areas around the station have been declared as Dustbin-less area.

Four additional transfer stations and dry waste collection centres have been planned in the following locations in Guwahati:

  • Near Rajdhani Nursery (Operational)
  • Near GMCH, Bhangagarh
  • B.K. Kakati Road, near R.K. Mission bridge
  • Adabari, Behind bus station

The compost plant in Boragaon, Guwahati was commissioned in the year 2010 which uses the Wind Row Composting Technology with the installation capacity of 50 TPD. Presently it produces a 5 TPD of compost daily. The compost plant has been proposed to be augmented from 50 TPD to 200 TPD soon.


GMC accepted Pilot Project proposals from PBK Waste Solutions Private Limited (DAILY DUMP), which is a deemed Sector Expert Organisation to facilitate Home Composting and the Pilot Project is likely to carry out the following activities, which will be in accordance with the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000 (hereinafter referred to as “the Service Contract”)

The main objectives of the Daily Dump project are:

  • Doorstep provision of Home Composting facilities for 100 Households within the GMC Ward No-14
  • To install the Pilot Project – Kambha in each household having four members
  • To install the Organic Waste Composter Aaga 550 (for bulk generators) in 4 apartment complexes (with 24 flats each)
  • It was also directed in creating awareness of the significance of home composting amongst the people.

The pilot project has been a success and more households will be proposed for the project.

Drum Composter

Guwahati Municipal Corporation has installed on site composting technique known as Drum Composting at various bulk waste generators such as vegetable makets, agricultural market, hostels, messes, etc. The work has been awarded to AFCONS.

Swachh Bharat Mission Proposal

A SBM Proposal on Required Equipments and Machineries of approximately Rs. 29.31 Crores has been sent to the State Mission Directorate.

High Powered Monitoring Committee on Solid Waste Management:

A high-powered committee was formed after the Hon’ble Governor of Assam issued a Notification with respect to the Municipal Solid Waste Management. The Monitoring Committee has the following members:
1)Principal Secretary to the Govt of Assam, GDD – Chairman
2)L.R. & Secretary, Judicial Deptt. Or his representative – Member
3)Secretary, GDD - Member
4)Representative of Finance Deptt. - Member
5)Col. Manoranjan Goswami, Social Worker – Member
6)Mr. Dhiren Barua, President Save Guwahati Build Guwahati – Member
7)Commissioner, GMC – Member Secretary

Consultancy of IIT Kharagpur

Guwahati Municipal Corporation has engaged Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur as Consultant on 1st April 2017 to suggest the basic design of the processing & Disposal required for scientific management of the dumpsite at Boragaon to prevent environmental impact and help improve the municipal waste management system for the city of Guwahati.

IIT, Kharagpur has submitted a preliminary review of the present situation on the waste management at Guwahati city incorporating global good waste management practices. The IIT, Kharagpur has suggested measures for immediate solutions for curbing the waste management problems. There are several major efforts on which IIT, Kharagpur has emphasized for Short, Medium and Long Term Solutions for sustainable solid waste management practices in Guwahati at Paschim Boragaon.

Whom to Contact

I/c Garage Branch, Guwahati Municipal Corporation
Basistha chariali, Near Dispur Circle office, Guwahati.