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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Municipal Corporation



A total of 7135 applications from wards have been received. The application forms have been verified and approved by the Member Secretaries and Chairmen of respective ward committees. So far, all the authenticated beneficiaries (6777) have been verified online. Process of online approval is going on and 915 beneficiaries have been approved.

The application form for Individual Household Latrines have to be submitted to the Division under which the household falls. You can contact your Area Sabha member or Ward Councilor for more information.


Identification of slum areas with plots for constructing typical community toilets consisting of both male and female toilets with urinals, WCs and one bathing area is under process.


In response to the present scenario of sanitation and hygiene in Guwahati, critical locations have been identified around the city to erect toilets for public convenience. These sites are all located at prime locations where there is a high necessity of toilets. All these toilets have been designed so as to accommodate proper sanitary facilities especially for women and differently abled.

For women, modern squatting pans and lavatories have been provided for their convenience. Following are the locations where there are functional public toilets in the city executed by Guwahati Municipal Corporation in PPP mode:

  • Fancy Bazar – 20 seats
  • Nepali Mandir – 2 seats
  • Khanapara – 6 seats
  • Bhangagarh – 4 seats

Further, toilets have been proposed for the following locations:

  • Bhangagarh Flyover (Underneath)
  • Basistha Temple
  • Mathgharia
  • DC Office Premises
  • Panbazar


On 17 May 2015, GMC installed two blocks of e-Toilets, one each for ladies and gents near the foot bridge of Maligaon Chariali, Guwahati starting a new chapter in the sanitation sector of the city. It is the first of its kind in entire North Eastern region of India that e-Toilet has been considered as public utility.


Due to the space constraint faced in Guwahati, portable toilets are proposed to be installed in various parts of Guwahati both separately for men and women. Following are the locations where portable toilets are installed:

  • Near S.B. Deorah College
  • Underneath Six Mile Flyover
  • Near Dispur College
  • Near Zoo Tiniali
  • Anil Nagar near Sump/Gayatri Sweets
  • At Panbazar, Near Water Works office
  • At Chandmari, Underneath Flyover
  • At Rukminigaon


The public toilets constructed in the city have an innovative component of on-site disposal through bio-digester tanks for ecological and sanitary decomposition of the waste.


A strategy has been placed for declaring wards under Guwahati Municipal Corporation which will be involving a third party monitoring of the wards. Open Defecation Free declarations have been received from schools in the city and Self Help Groups from their respective areas. Open Defecation Free Declaration forms have been received from councilors of 24 wards and have been given ODF status.