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Swachh Google Public Toilet Locator

The Google Toilet Locator is a platform where one can search for nearest toilets on their smartphones and on the internet. Searching a public toilet is now very convenient. For searching the nearest toilet within the area under Guwahati Municipal Corporation, one has to simply type the words "Swachh Public Toilet" on Google Maps and Google Map will show the nearest public toilets with directions for them. Users can also give feedback of the public toilets by adding a Google User Review available in the options page. Further, they can also add a photo of the public toilet for convenience of other public.

A total of 117 Public Toilets in various places within the Guwahati Municipal Corporation area has been mapped and is available on Google Maps. People can access this feature on their smartphones without downloading any App as it is available on Google Maps. This step by Guwahati Municipal Corporation will make it easier for the citizens to access public toilets and will contribute to the cause of a Swachh Bharat.