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Apply for Mutation


  • Mutation is transfer or change of title from one person to another in the records of the local municipal body when property is sold or transferred.
  • Application for mutation can be addressed to the Branch officer, Mutation Branch, GMC in plain paper with clearly mentioning the assessment id,transferee name and other related information.
  • Duplicate Mutation certificate can be obtained by addressing an application to the Branch officer, Mutation Branch, GMC and providing the Case Number of the Mutation with payment of Rs. 100 (One Hundred Rupees) only , money Receipt at the Mutation Branch of GMC.


Mutation is the transfer or change of title ownership when property is sold or transferred. By mutation, the new owner gets the title of the property recorded on his/her name and the government is able to charge property tax from the rightful owner. Mutation can easily be done online in GMC.

Guidelines for filling the form:

All documents must be submitted while submitting the form. If filling online, all documents must be scanned and ready,


  • Rs. 100 (One Hundred Rupees) Money Receipt

Documents Required (whichever applicable):

  • Upto date Property Tax paid receipt.
  • Self attested copy of Registered Sale Deed,Land Mutation order, Jamabandi & Patta etc.
  • Related documents of the concerned parties willing to undergo mutation.
  • Application on plain paper addressing to the Branch Officer, Mutation Branch, GMC.
  • Id proof of applicant(s)
  • Road/Lane where properties located (Mention in the application)
  • Receipt of Garbage collection from concerned N.G.O.
  • Death Certificate if property has devolved by succession from predecessor.
  • Next of Kin Certificate in case of mutation by inheritance.
  • Registered Will Documents, Registered Gift Deed if any
  • Authorisation Letter with photo ID (any) of the authorised person required in case the applicant is absent

Type of Service:

It is an offline service. 

Whom to Contact:

Shri Pranami Sarma
Mutation Branch, GMC
Bhuban Road, Uzanbazar
GMC Office, Guwahati - 781001

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