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e-Governance in GMC

E-Governance is an opportunity to transform the corporation’s commitment to be citizen centric, provide cost-effective services and enhance governance through improved access to accurate information and transparent and responsive democratic institutions. Thus e-Governance is no longer an experiment in administrative reform but a permanent part of the governing process. For both government organizations and citizens, its advantages are far reaching in comparison to investment in establishing E-Governance.

The following are the e-Governance initiatives of GMC:

Bilingual (English/Assamese) Website for GMC

The first GMC bilingual website was developed in 2016 with links to services and information about GMC. This has been upgraded to the present bilingual website with not just links to all services but also exhaustive information covering all branches/activities of GMC, under the ePrastuti StandardizedWebsite Project.

Upgradation of the existing Online Property Tax System

  1. Changes for collection of property tax through bank counters.
  2. Generation of bill/receipts and demand register.
  3. Assessment, reassessment and mutation of properties.
  4. Viewing bill/receipt and payment history.
  5. Facility for edit/update/delete property or property details.
  6. Owner’s Name-wise/ward-wise/zone-wise/Road-wise property search facility.
  7. Property tax calculator.
  8. Payment services.
  9. Zone-wise/ward-wise/GMC user-wise/time period-wise MIS report generation.

Online Trade License System

GMC issues four types of trade licenses viz. general trade license, health license, veterinary license and SMV (Slow Moving Vehicle) license. As on date, there are a total of around 1.20 lakh trade licenses including both new and renewed. This is under User Acceptance Testing (UAT) or beta testing.

Online Birth and Death Certificate Registration System

GMC issues almost 600 birth/death certificates monthly. The online system will provide relief for the citizens and at tha same time take measures to ensure authenticity. UAT or Beta testing is going on.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

HRMS system automates the whole HR activity processes. HRMS is to be used for manpower planning, training, appraisal & performance, promotions, retirement, resignation, payroll process, PF, loans, leave application etc. GMC has a total of around 1800 employees. It is still in the development phase.

Online Cesspool Booking System

At the moment, there is a rudimentary form of online booking system for Cess-Pool Booking and booking is primarily being done manually over phone. The completed, fully online system would provide timely hassle-free online booking with online payment facility. It is in the development phase.

Hoarding and Advertisement

The system can capture hoarding applicant’s details. It has features to capture details about hoarding. The fields are:  applicant full name, correspondence address, contact no, email, size of hoarding (area/sq ft.), type of hoarding (Lit/Non lit- Lit means hoarding with light, Non Lit means hoarding without light), type of display (One sided/ both sided), name of owner of building/land, name of landmark, name of road / road no, holding no, house no, name of complex. The applied for options are as follows:

a)    Hoarding / Glow sign/ Policy point/ Unipole (1 Year Validity)
b)    Road show on vehicle (3 Month validity)                       
c)    Footpath facing gate excluding footpath (1 Month validity)   
d)    Road cover gate hoarding (7 Days validity)
e)    Divider glow sign/ Pole over bridge / kiosk hoarding / Unipole / Traffic signal point   
f)    Political party / social work / religious hoarding display (7 days validity , Applicable for road cover gate / welcome gate)
g)    Commercial purpose (Road cross gate, 7 days validity)

Water Supply

The system provides a platform to apply water connection application. The applicant can   also check the status of application through online. Additionally, the water connection permission letter can also be downloaded from the platform.


The system provides a platform to apply mutation application. The applicant can   also check the status of application through online. Additionally, the permission letters can also be downloaded from the platform.

Online File Tracking System (Request Tracker)

It is a file monitoring system for monitoring file movement of GMC through online. Currently the system is configured and made available for the following sections of GMC: Accounts branch, CE1 CE2 , DC zones, EE1, EE2, EE3, EE4, EE5, EE6, Electrical , Garage, Hoarding, JC- Headquarter, Legal, Market, Medical,  Mutation, Personnel, Planning, PMC, Veterinary Branch, Water Works. Currently the data entry process is going on in respective sections.

Online Assessment  System

The system provides a platform to apply assessment application. The applicant can   also check the status of application through online. Additionally, the permission letters can also be downloaded from the platform.